11 . 23 . 2020                       

10 . 16 . 2020                       

01 . 31 . 2021                       

11 . 06 . 2020                       

11 . 16 . 2020                       

Knowing Tori + Andrew and being able to capture their love now is so special to me. It truly makes my job feel so unique and amazing when I get to photograph couples I know!!

Christina + Besik are the sweetest couple. This golden hour city session with their sweet pup Georgie was one I'll always remember!

Skylin + Jeshua's original shoot date ended up being rescheduled, but needless to say it definitely ended up being meant to be. We caught the most perfect time for the snow to fall making it a true winter wonderland!

When Kristen reached out to me and said her and Miguel wanted to do a shoot together, I was so excited!! And even more when she said "Miguel wants to bring his motorcycle"!

Paulina + Billy were the biggest rays of sunshine. They were so giddy, goofy and loving which makes my heart soar during sessions. It was almost too easy to capture so many good pictures of them because they were just so cute!

Tori Andrew

Christina Besik

Skylin Jeshua

Kristen Miguel

Paulina Billy

12 . 23 . 2020                       

Melissa + Jon are from Florida, so when they flew into Jersey and we took pictures in the snow, it's safe to say they were the biggest troopers I've ever seen!!

Melissa Jon

10 . 18 . 2020                       

09 . 26 . 2020                       

Erika + Jared came into my life last year and oh gosh am I so happy about that. They are such a genuine, kind couple. Shooting them was just another amazing day!!

Courtney + Elijah celebrated their love for their wedding with their friends & families in the comfort of their backyard. Nothing but drinks, dancing, and lots of love!

Erika Jared

Courtney Elijah

10 . 15 . 2020                       

Kerry + Joel truly have a love like no other. Their love language is so unique. They way they look into each others eyes and flow with one another is truly something from a movie

Kerry Joel